A free tool for Showit website designers who want to make passive income a very real and profitable possibility.

“This calculator is so awesome! Now I can make small tweaks and know exactly which numbers I need to hit”

Jessie O.



“This tool will give you a better idea of how much to charge with taxes, savings, and sales goals in mind.”

- Kasandra, The Humble Lion

Trying to scale and grow your business without cloning yourself is hard. As one-on-one service providers, capacity is a very real constraint.


                Before you decide to offer templates, you need to know how to price them and where do they fit into your offer suite so you can increase profitability and scale. Minus the stress of signing on clients all the time.

This Profit Calculator will help you do just that. 

In a matter of minutes, and with a teensy bit of number-inputting, you’ll know exactly what your pricing should look like, how many templates should you sell, and what you can offer in the future to increase your income and profitability.

So, why do YOU need this calculator?

Glad you asked! You need this calculator if you’re a talented Showit website designer who loves designing but feels like you’re capping your growth (and profitability!) because there’s only one of you.

You want to offer templates but don’t know whether they make sense for your business. Even if you do decide to offer them… how do you know what to charge for them?

Enter The Profit Calculator.

Know exactly what to sell and how much to charge for it and also get a handle on business expenses.

No second-guessing!

Discover what a new offer can do for your income AND savings!

Make confident decisions.

Get clear on your “offer ladder” and add passive income streams for a flexible, freedom-filled life.  


I played around with the profit calculator and LOVE IT! The instructions are clear and it's so easy to use. Plus, I love that you break down the Net income to account for savings! Overall, this is a very valuable tool to help figure out how much I should price services or products.


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We’ve been designers for years and we still use this calculator in our business on a daily basis. Because before you decide to take a potentially life-changing, income-altering leap, you need to know what the numbers say.

Who are we?

"Competitors"-turned-biz besties, we are so proud to be Showit’s top design partners and trusted by some of the best names in the industry.

But more than that… we’re OBSESSED.

Obsessed with cutting the computer cord. We believe “being booked out” can slowly (and surely!) take the joy out of being entrepreneurs and having your own business. 

You deserve the freedom to take the day off for a Harry Potter movie marathon (No? that must only be Rachel!) or declare Mondays and Tuesdays a weekend and hang out with your partner. 

Point is… we want you to fall back in love with your design business and create passive income that doesn’t require staring into the screen all.the.time.

This calculator is your first step. So you can use real numbers and hard data to see your profit potential.

Hey, that’s us! Sam and Rachel.


Here’s a STEP-BY-STEP WALKTHROUGH so you know exactly what we mean.


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