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Learn how a digital offer can help you make the ultimate shift from burned out → sold out while working smarter, not harder!

Earn money while you sleep with digital offers.

Earn money while you sleep with digital offers.

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What you'll learn

that successful digital product creators adopt as they create their first profitable product.


The Major Mindset Shift

that you can create to bring revolving revenue into your business and how to identify which one will work best for you. 


Three types of digital offers

to generate monthly revolving revenue to earn on auto-pilot


Real-Life examples of how others are using digital offers

Let’s calculate the the financial impact that a digital offer can have on your business


Know your numbers

Digital offers have changed the online business game

Whether you’re an existing entrepreneur stuck in the daily hustle of 1:1 services or a stay-at-home parent looking for a life changing opportunity, this could be the turning point you’ve been waiting for.

The online digital offer world is booming and there is NOTHING but room for everyone at the table if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to create it.

Join us to get an inside look at how a digital offer could change your life and help you build a business that works as hard as you do.


You’re ready to build a digital offer while phasing out client work, done-for-you services, or even a day job.

You want to learn how a digital offer could change YOUR business

You’re burned out with 1:1 client work and you envy other entrepreneurs every time you see someone bragging on their post recent product launch

You’ve been dreaming about adding revolving revenue to your business with a digital offer

This masterclass is a  must  attend if ...

Your Hostesses

A personal invitation from

Sam & Rachel

After nearly a decade of building high converting websites and sales pages for every type of offer you can imagine, we have realized that much of our job has actually been in the

We’ve been building and selling digital products since before we started Northfolk. 

trenches with our clients, working through their digital strategy. 

This brand new masterclass is a quick introduction into what we do around here and more importantly what revolving revenue could look like for YOU and your business.

If you’ve been daydreaming about passive income and slashing those long work hours for more time with your family and friends, we can’t wait to paint the picture and show you how possible that really is.

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