but freedom still feels so far from reach. You find yourself sitting on the sidelines watching other designers sell templates on auto-pilot, wondering how to make it work for YOU.

But here's the problem

You started your business to escape the chains of a 9-5 job

You’re putting in way too many hours and there is not enough time to even breathe.

Income is limited by your availability to take on more projects.

You’re stuck on the hamster wheel of one-to-one services and you’re exhausted.

“All the templates you’ve provided saved me SO much time and brain space. It makes it easier for me to get things done and put things into action!”

fran - hale made designs

“Sam + Rachel are literally blowing me away with how generous they’ve been this entire experience, and I will forever be grateful”

Caryssa - Franklin & Willow

A tell-all, STEP-BY-STEP WALKTHROUGH training for Showit Designers who want FREEDOM.

Freedom from supergluing themselves to the laptop, struggling to find clients, and staying overwhelmed because their business refuses to scale and grow.

& real life besties too

We’re one of Showit’s top design partners, trusted by the best in the industry and creators of The Vault and Revolving Revenue

If you watched the training above, you’ll know, like you, we’re passionate about not being slaves to our business. 

We want the freedom to take days off, go on vacations, or simply kick back to watch (or re-watch!) The Office. 

And after designing for hundreds of clients, we quickly realized that client work, while great, wasn’t going to give us that freedom. It’ll help us make money, sure. 

But true freedom? From deadlines, deliverables, dealing with clients? 

THAT wasn’t in the cards. And we couldn’t settle for that. Both of us place a premium on living our lives, unchained by the laptop, free of social media!

And today, that’s EXACTLY how we live and damn proud.

We’re Sam & Rachel, the duo behind Northfolk.

How did that happen you ask?

We’re Sam & Rachel, the duo behind Northfolk.

& real life besties too

We’re one of Showit’s top design partners, trusted by the best in the industry and creators of The Vault and Revolving Revenue

If you watched the training above, you’ll know, like you, we’re passionate about not being slaves to our business. 

Our goal is to cut the [computer] cord and ditch the #laptoplifestyle and create a life of FREEDOM.

We want the freedom to take days off, go on vacations, or simply kick back to watch (or re-watch!) The Office. 

And after designing for

hundreds of clients, we quickly realized that client work, while great, wasn’t going to give us that freedom.  It’ll help us make money, sure. 

But true freedom? From deadlines, deliverables, dealing with clients? 

THAT wasn’t in the cards. And we couldn’t settle for that. Both of us place a premium on living our lives, unchained by the laptop, free of social media!

And today, that’s EXACTLY how we live and damn proud.

and we can’t wait to give you the treasure map. Keys and all!   Because life’s too short to be consumed by the laptop lifestyle.  #cutthecord

Yes, there’s a Northfolk way to successfully sell templates


the NORTHFOLK way.

and sold






about pretty much everything when it comes to their template shop and the way that they run their business. Clearly sharing their secrets is not going to ruin their business.

CAryssa - Franklin & willow

Rachel and Sam are just so TRANSPARENT and OPEN

For way too long, designers have been sold the dream of being booked solid. A “dream” where custom client projects crowd your Clickup and your waitlist looks like a Soho nightclub on a Friday night.

Because when you’re juggling deadlines and deliverables endlessly… guess what?  You are going to get exhausted and inevitably  burned out.
This design business that you started because you didn’t want a 9 to 5 or because you wanted more freedom in your life quickly morphs into your worst. Boss. Ever. 

Yes, the “booked out” narrative is great for the ‘Gram but not so good for real life. 

It’s not a dream to be constantly working on custom projects. It’s a nightmare.


In reality… Nothing about this “booked out” scenario is either fun nor enjoyable.

The truth is…

So, what is the alternative?

Sam & Rachel


Templates make it easy for you to serve clients without downing Dr.Pepper non-stop and mainlining coffee! ☕️

more importantly...

They make it possible for you to generate more profits in your design business because you can make a template once and sell it for years to come. Like Rowling and Harry Potter! 

Chances are you may have considered selling templates or even sold a few. Only to realize you’re missing key pieces or struggling to market them. Where ARE those buyers?!

Now, here's a peek at what templates have done for OUR BUSINESS

This is about helping you see the profit potential with passive income products. 

This is about showing you a shortcut to designing and selling templates. Templates that fly off the digital shelves instead of sitting in an online shop, feeling oh-so-lonely and overlooked. 

This is about giving you THE only tool you need so you can go ahead and create this freedom for your life. 

CAVEAT: This isn't a "you'll make a million bucks" sales spiel. Gross! 🤢



EVERY TIME we would get off a weekly call, I would look at my boyfriend and say:

Sarah - Digital Grace Design

I can't BELIEVE they are giving us this stuff!!

revolving revenue

The COMPLETE start-to-finish program to help you design Showit templates for resale, launch your shop, and create an automated sales system.  

* (Minus the mega-overwhelm, multiple missing pieces, and money-left-on-the-table situations!)

Whether you’ve tried to sell templates before or are brand-new to the world of creating a template… you’re in the right place. 

Revolving Revenue is the ONLY program of its kind where two wildly talented Showit Design Partners (hey, that’ll be us! #humblebrag), with over TEN YEARS of experience, take you by your socially distanced elbow and lead you behind-the-scenes of their own templates shop. 

We walk you through every.single.step you need to take when designing stunning templates for resale, set up your shop, and then… waaait for it…

… sell those templates with an automated system that doesn’t require TikToking/Tweeting/Instagramming your way to sales. 🤯



Get to know Sam + Rachel, your template building coaches!

Know how to navigate our Mighty Networks course portal. 

Snag your Revolving Revenue outline with everything it takes to build your automated shop!

By the end of this “Let’s Get Acquainted” module, you will:

Welcome to revolving revenue

program introduction

Program Intro

MILESTONE BONUS: mindset for designers


What you’re designing and for whom. No more worrying you’ll be lost in the crowd!

Your value ladder and your offer suite. We’re talkin’ tripwires, upsells, downsells, oh my! 

Product pricing and profit planning. Fly first-class, baby, not by the seat of your pants!!

When you finish this module, you will have complete clarity on:

Market Research & Offer Development

module one

module 1

MILESTONE BONUS: Lead Magnet Swipe Files & Templates

Can build an audience even if you’re starting from scratch. 

Have systems in place to start attracting your take-my-money-now template customers. 

Don’t need to spend every second on social to sell templates.

You’ll walk away from this module with the confidence that you:

Optimizing your leads

module two

module 2

You’re brand-new to template designing and want to do it right. 

You’ve designed templates already but you’re curious about our process. Swipe our Build SOP! 

You’d like more insight into designing for resale. Rachel will walk you through an over-the-shoulder tutorial with our personal Template Build SOP

This   module is packed full of our designs secrets and perfect for you if:

Template creation & Designing for Resale

module three

module 3

MILESTONE BONUS: Commercial Use Showit Canvas Kit for Template Building

Strategic insights into priming your audience so they want to buy from you. 

A do-this-next-style Launch Calendar so you know exactly when to share new templates. 

Tried-and-true techniques for running beta tests for your templates.

Another *optional-but-awesome*module that’ll give you:

Pre-Launching your shop

module four

module 4

MILESTONE BONUS: Rinse & Repeat Launch Calendar

An exceptional, confidence-inspiring client experience. 

Your offer ecosystem and all the different moving parts and pieces. 

A tech stack that supports your offer ecosystem so you don’t pay for tools you don’t need!

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to design:

Your offer ecosystem

module five

module 5

MILESTONE BONUS: our clickup sop's for building and launching templates

MILESTONE BONUS: Done For You Template Shop Template

Our DFY templates for your sales pages, shop pages, single listings, and more! 

Everything you need to set up your email system and file delivery system. 

Step-by-step guidance on setting up your cart system, Showit Shop pages, and INTEGRATING it all into your website.

This GOLDmine of a module is filled with:

Building your BASE Systems

module six

module 6

Insight into how all the base pieces come into play. 

Our repeatable launch plan, complete with our launch SOP in Clickup. Customize, rinse-and-repeat, baby! 

Your first (or next!) product ready and the systems built to sell it successfully. Time to list that template and kick the passive income party off!

High-fives all around!! At the end of this module, you’ll have:

How to Rinse & Repeat

module seven

module 7

MILESTONE BONUS: continuing education with industry pros every.single. month.

Every module is accompanied by relevant resources, including templates, checklists, cheat sheets, and MORE. 

here's what you get access to...

Done for you templates, swipe files, checklists, guides and more!

 LIVE group coaching Q+A calls  every month inside our community

The 7 module program includes over 40 pre-recorded, action taking lessons

Lifetime access to all course content and materials  + 1 year access to the community

Commercial access Canvas Kit to help you build your templates FASTER!

Exclusive marketing trainings and guest speakers inside the community.

The Revolving Revenue COMMUNITY 

This not-on-Facebook community will quickly become your fave place to chill, learn and grow with fellow Showit designers.  We will  cover things like: 

I LOVE how the whole program is in ONE PLACE, so I don't have to switch back and forth between platforms.

1 year access to...

You’ll be right at home. With us. 

facebook style activity feed

Monthly group Q+A calls & coffee chats

LIVE guest speakers and replays

access to 1:1 support inside the community

marketing bonus training: fb ads, pinterest + content

Start generating leads even faster with our done for you templates, so you can get back to building this template selling money machine!

Lead Magnet Swipe Files & Templates

PLUS... because we're known to overdeliver...

You get Build-It-Better Bonuses to keep you moving forward with confidence.

milestone bonus


Celebrate Module 1 by snagging our Showit Income Report to see exactly HOW MUCH other designers are making off template sales!!

Income Reports

milestone bonus


Building templates takes time, but now you can get it done faster with our  Commercial Canvas Kit  with resale privileges. 

Commercial Use Canvas Kit for Template Building

milestone bonus


Launch haters unite!  Grab the calendar we use in our own business to make launching just a little less painful!  

Rinse & Repeat Launch Calendar

milestone bonus


Stay organized during your build and launch process with the very SOP's we've built inside ClickUp to keep our own business running on rinse and repeat!

ClickUp Build and Launch Checklists

milestone bonus


This was by far our Founding Members FAVORITE asset! Get a beautiful, high converting shop online FAST with our done for you shop  kit!

Done For You Shop Templates

milestone bonus


Even after you've worked the program, you have ample opportunity to keep learning from some of the best marketing & design pros in the industry! 

Guest Instructors EVERY Month!

milestone bonus


No, thats no gimmick, just straight up tools to get you from point A to point Z FAST

for this amount of content and 1:1 support! I’m just in awe of the amount of value and resources you two are pouring into this program. 

You could be charging FIVE TIMES what we invested 

Stacey — cedar lane

Confidence around revenue forecasting. Less overwhelm and stress over meeting those profit goals.

NO missing pieces in your offer ecosystem so you can ensure an exceptional customer experience.

A streamlined and organized template shop so it attracts customers on autopilot.

Complete clarity on what to offer in your template shop, how to price it, and how to avoid pricing errors.


MORE freedom and passive income so you can take time off without an ounce of guilt or anxiety!

A clear roadmap to scaling your business without the pressure of being “booked out:”. 

Honestly, yeah. We could be charging 5x but we just don’t want to.

You don’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to learn the ins-and-outs of designing templates that sell and sell them without sweating over the small stuff. 

Total program value: $19,645+


$2,400 Value
$3,600 Value
$1500 Value
$1600 Value
$97 Value
$27 Value
$397 Value
$3,200 Value
$97 Value
$127 Value
$1,800 Value
$4,800 Value

7 Pre-recorded Modules................................................................................................................. 
RR Framework Guides & Workbooks  ........................................................................................
1 Year Community Access with LIVE Group Calls   ...........................................................
Marketing Training with Guest Instructors ...........................................................................
Northfolk Profit Calculator ...........................................................................................................
Lifetime Access to RR Course & Updates .............................................................................
MILESTONE 1 BONUS: Income Reports ..............................................................................
MILESTONE 2 BONUS: Lead Magnet Swipe Files & Templates ................................
MILESTONE 3 BONUS: Commercial Use Canvas Kit for Template Building ........
MILESTONE 4 BONUS: Rinse & Repeat Launch Calendar...........................................
MILESTONE 5 BONUS: ClickUp Build and Launch Checklists ....................................
MILESTONE 6 BONUS: Done For You Template Shop Template .............................
MILESTONE 7 BONUS:  Monthly Guest Training from Industry PROS   ...................

7 Pre-recorded Modules
$2,400 Value

RR Framework Guides & Workbooks
$3,600 Value

6 Month RR Community Access
$1500 Value

Marketing Training with Guest Instructors
$1600 Value

Northfolk Profit Calculator
$97 Value

Lifetime Access and Updates

MILESTONE 1 BONUS: Income Reports
$27 Value

  MILESTONE 2 BONUS: Lead Magnet Swipe Files & Templates
$397 Value

MILESTONE 3 BONUS: Commercial Use Canvas Kit for Template Building
$3,200 Value

MILESTONE 4 BONUS: Rinse & Repeat Launch Calendar
$97 Value

MILESTONE 5 BONUS: ClickUp Build and Launch Checklists
$127 Value

MILESTONE 6 BONUS: Done For You Template Shop Templates
$1,800 Value

MILESTONE 7 BONUS: 1:1 Live Audit with Sam and Rachel
$600 Value

yours today for

Start building passive income with A TEMPLATE SHOP

payment plan program

6 Monthly Payments

get instant access

pay in full & save

One Payment of

Flexi-pay options to choose from!





Instant access & Save $800

 It’s how many times over.

The question isn’t IF you’ll make your money back.

Budget friendly plan

12 Monthly Payments

get instant access





money back

Give Revolving Revenue
a No-Risk, 7-Day Spin.


Investing in your business feels scary. Even when it’s with someone who’s trusted. We get it. 

If you know you want to create passive income with a template shop but are worried you wouldn’t learn much with us… you’re invited to take Revolving Revenue for a sweet 7-day spin.
If you realize this isn’t the perfect program for you, email us at [info@northfolk.co] and we’ll refund the payment you’ve made. 

Once you cross Module 2 or the 7 days are over, this trial period lapses and you’ll need to honor the rest of your payments. Cool?

Take the first 7 days to go through Modules 0, 1, & 2 and decide.

"Blown away by the authentic/genuine look behind the scenes. You two continue to blow me away as you share so freely so we can all learn and grow. Thank you thank you thank you. "


"When I signed up, I wasn't sure what to expect since I felt like I had a *general* idea of how to go about all this. I can confidently say my launch will be *infinitely* more successful, streamlined, and strategic because of you both and this course."


"Y'all continue to blow me away with how much value you include in each of these modules. Seriously, I feel like I stole this program!"


Praise for Revolving Revenue

On the fence?

we got ya!

Let’s look at how the options stack up against what you value.

DIY'ing Your Showit Template Shop

Not Even Offering Templates




strategic, scalable business growth

Sure. You can decide not to offer templates. But then, will custom projects give you that time freedom? 

And if you decide only to do ONE custom project at a time… will that help you scale? Nope. 

Revolving Revenue gives you the shortcuts you need so you can design AND sell templates.  

Step away from the laptop and not have your business go up in flames!

Easier in the short-term, more painful in the long run. 

You’ll spend TONS of hours on design only to find you need to spend MORE time figuring out the logistics of setting up the shop and then, marketing your templates.

Well… if you decide NOT to offer templates for the time being… passive income isn’t a possibility right now. 

You’ll need to carve time out for a custom project each time you want to generate revenue.  

You set up ALL the pieces needed for an automated sales system, you can actually see sales come in while you backpack in Switzerland or simply, get a full night’s sleep! 

A DIY template shop will ONLY bring in passive income if the templates are not only designed to perfection but also marketed successfully. 

Launching a template shop is only step one. Seeing those templates sell is what creates the passive income! 

Without a template shop in the mix, how do you create a value ladder for your clients? 

More importantly… How do you free yourself from your business for a real vacation? Or work-free weekends?

Most importantly, you get an under-the-hood, behind-the-scenes look at our business and get frameworks, templates, and all the tried-and-true puzzle pieces. 

You can avoid our mistakes and create a perfect-for-you to scale your business. 

YouTube or “Facebook Group” your way to set up a template shop means you miss out on suited-for-you strategy!  

How can YOU create an excellent customer experience as well as generate consistent sales so you can continue to grow your business? 

It's probably NOT for you if:

You're not a brand or web designer

You want it done for you

You enjoy spending all of your time on 1:1 client work

You’re successfully  selling digital products on autopilot

You want to pivot your service-based design business to digital products

You’re done trading your time for income

The idea of integrations and tech for an online shop is overwhelming

You hit an income plateau and want to scale higher without hiring, training and managing someone else

This program could be for you if:

Well what are you waiting for?! Let's do it!

Revolving Revenue is for you if you’re a Showit Designer who wants to create freedom and flexibility while getting a front-row seat to how we run OUR SHOP. 

here's what that looks like.

No worries, we'll be here when you're ready!


Bottom line?

This isn’t just a “here’s the theory, now go figure it out” kinda course. Nuh-uh!!

This is a robust Hogwarts-meets-Hobbit style program where you go on a nothing-held-back passive income adventure with your personal Gandalf aka Sam, and Dumbledore aka Rachel 🧙🏻🧙🏼‍♀️ (and, of course, gifs galore!).

At the end of 6 months (or sooner, it's all up to you), you’ll have a one-way ticket outta Overwhelm City and straight to Freedom Park. 

Buuuut…Will this work for ME?

Umm… you mean is it too early for you to think about creating passive income systems in your business? Nooo! 

As long as you know the basics of Showit and are excited to add an additional revenue stream, you’re more than welcome to join us. 

In fact, Janet who joined us in the first round was a newer user, and here’s what she had to say, “Thank you for including more of your Showit behind-the-scenes processes and tips. I’m a newer user on the platform so I am very thankful for the insight and training here.”

I’m brand-new to Showit. Is it too early for me to think about templates?

First up, it breaks our heart when we hear designers say that👆🏼 because we know there’s an easy fix to this. And we walk you through that in Module 3 onwards, where we share our way of designing templates and give you the tools you need to set up a sales system for your shop.   

Your Revolving Revenue experience will give you insights into everything you need in place, so there aren’t any missing pieces that put a stop to sales! 

Here’s what veteran Showit designer Caryssa O’Connell said, “I want to also tell you that even though I had some templates made and selling before this, I DEFINITELY don’t feel like I’m too advanced for this by ANY MEANS. I truly feel like I’m getting something out of each and every thing included.”

I’ve created Showit templates in the past but they’ve never sold. How do I know this will be different?

About 85%  of  RR will be beneficial  and 15% will not. The overall strategy that we cover in RR is pretty universal, but some of the most valuable assets of the program are built on Showit.  

With that said, getting a detailed inside look at how a successful template shop runs (regardless of platform) can be invaluable. 

I’m a WordPress website designer who mainly uses Divi. Can this help me?

Since you're here, we're guessing that you're at least interested in web design?

RR was originally built to teach selling digital products, so much of the content  would apply to ANY digital product.  As we enrolled Showit designers, we decided to niche down and pull in more topics unique to web designers. 

For right now, I would say that an interest in web design is a must.  Even better if you have an interest in web design AND passive income (via template sales). 

We do plan to extend RR in the future to cover ALL digital products, so you can always wait and join at a later time. 

I don’t know much about website design? Is this right for me?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Sorry for the yelling but we’re social media-averse and you’d hardly find us jumping on trends like TikTok or Reels. 

While RR  focuses on building your automated template selling system, and NOT marketing, we do have an awesome bonus  that covers how WE sell templates without needing thousands (or even, hundreds!) of social media followers.

I don’t have a lot of Facebook or Instagram followers. Will I struggle to sell my templates?

Showit may have started out serving photographers, but the community has grown leaps and bounds!!  

Less than 1/2 of our template sales are photographers!! 

Our customer base consists of  photographers AND designers, event planners, coaches, influencers, educators, fitness experts, construction companies, florists, real estate agents and MORE!

I’m worried Showit is only for photographers and I’d be leaving out other industries if I offer these templates. Is that true?

After 12 months, you retain LIFETIME access to  the Revolving Revenue modules and lessons. At that time, you'll have the option to continue inside the community on a month-to-month basis for a fee of $60/month. 

Inside the community, you'll have access to the activity feed, LIVE group calls and coffee chats, LIVE guest teaching experiences, all call replays,  and ongoing help from Sam and Rachel.

What happens after the initial 12 month community access?

Sure thing! You can use the Chat with Sam & Rachel feature in the right-hand corner of this page or send us an email at info@northfolk.co. We’ll get back to you in 24-48 hours.

I have more questions. Can I chat with you before I join?

Fake Deadlines
False scarcity

Who wants booked out when you can be SOLD out?!

or maybe you want to read it again?